The Centre for African Studies Basel ZASB coordinates Africa-related teaching and research at the University of Basel and its partner institutions. It is an acknowledged centre for interdisciplinary Africa-focused research and offers a Master and a PhD in African Studies as well as a continuing education programme for professionals.


Study and further education programmes

Recent publications

Maano Ramutsindela, Giorgio Miescher, Melanie Boehi (eds.), 2016
The Politics of Nature and Science in Southern Africa

This book brings together recent and ongoing empirical studies to examine two relational kinds of politics, namely, the politics of nature, i.e. how nature conservation projects are sites on which power relations play out, and the politics of the scientific study of nature.

Noemi Steuer, Michelle Engeler, Elisio Macamo (eds.), 2017
Dealing with Elusive Futures. University Graduates in Urban Africa

The contributors to this volume study young university graduates Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ethiopia, Mali and Tanzania. They provide a vivid picture of the young men's and women's strategies to socially grow older by doing adulthood in contexts of great uncertainty.

Bodies of Truth offers an intimate account of how apartheid victims deal with the long-term effects of violence, focusing on the intertwined themes of embodiment, injury, victimhood, and memory.

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The ZASB is very easy to get to by public transportation. It takes you about five minutes to reach the Centre from the tramway/bus stops Schifflände (tramway #6/8/11/14/16, bus #34/36) and Kunstmuseum (tramway #1/2).